Book Launch – Reluctant Hero

Coming Soon – Reluctant Hero – Book One of the Seeded Saga

Reluctant Hero

The Seed grants extraordinary powers to a select few—the Seeded.

For Nekoka—a genius catgirl blessed with multiple Seeded powers, cool tech, and loyal friends—every day is Mardi Gras. But her carefree days in the Big Easy come to an end when her best friends decide to bind their New Orleans Seeded group with rules and duties by going official. Nekoka, a free-range hedonist, rebels against any leash, and she storms off to Portland. She’s nobody’s hero.

But she’s soon caught performing heroics when she saves lives in a freeway pileup involving abducted Seeded. As she hacks secure networks about the mysterious incident, she uncovers a sinister plot to gather low-powered Seeded, and she’s faced with a choice: confront the sadistic horrors head-on and risk capture, or hightail it to safer pastures. But the situation is critical. If Nekoka leaves, friends and frenemies could die.

Journey through the shadows where friendship, sacrifice, and determination forge heroes in the face of impending darkness.

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Reluctant Hero

Someone is taking the Seeded.

Can a psychic hacker crack the digital world and unearth the conspiracy before it’s too late?

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“Alter Shape could make her look human with effort, but it wasn’t her default. Instead, she sported cat ears, tail, eyes, and a body covered in soft fur. She had impeccable control over her appearance; therefore, she never needed to bother with clothing. She loved her image and all its wondrous possibilities; why would she want to look human?”


I’m so excited to share with you my upcoming book.  The first in a new superhero series, Reluctant Hero.  In a near future world, the Seed has been discovered, and those who have the Seed are called Seeded.  A small portion of these Seeded have special superpowers. 

Meet Nekoka and Jenni, who superpowered ladies with very different mindsets on what to do with their powers.  Best friends.  Members of the same group.  Always supportive.  Jenni, however, is a hero to her heart.  Nekoka?  Why would she bother?  Life is her oyster and she’s going to join enjoy ever minute of it.

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